Saturday, September 4, 2010 @ 4:36 AM  0 stares
yes i'm back~! big back its back~! B to the I to the bang bang.. haha

i'm seriously bored and tired.. i wrote a whole long post but it turned out to be a mess so i had to start over... but writing isnt my point of blog post for today.. i only want to flaunt my pictures.. hahahaha

even though i had just arrived home, that doesnt stop us from eating out @ kuala perlis

when i got back home.. my mothers new camera became the victim along with my little sister as hostage.. huahahahaha

baiki tudung dulu

ni senyum cam iklan produk liese tapi ..err x jadi

yg xleh blah : kasut tu..
padahal ada satu lagi yg lagi matching
tapi gedik nk pakai kasut tu gak! haiih

haaarrhh.. aku ngantuk.. nk gi tido.. byebye

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