Tuesday, December 21, 2010 @ 2:49 AM  0 stares
Hey Hey Hey!!! i'm here in kelantan~~~~~~!!! yeahhh!!!

  • here's the thing.. something got over me a few days ago
  • now, i got over whatever that got over me
  • and decided i'm going to live my live the way i wanted
  • and not get effected by anyone or what they say about me
  • (even though they're saying great things
  • and the only problem is i'm thinking a little tooo much about it..haha)
  • so now i'm going to pretend that none of it ever happened and live my life happily~~!

and i'm going to pursue my dream as kpop and jpop lover!!!
(the 2pm song again and again magically appear out of nowhere)

well to tell you the truth i have nothing better to do ...

check this out... kuroki meisa....
her body is to die for....
mummmy, can i have her body ?? pleaaaaseeee~~!!

and with that, my HAPPY blog posts starts NOW!