Saturday, December 25, 2010 @ 2:38 AM  0 stares
where should i start?!! i dont know where to start this horrible post!

haha i know i'm only going to write about happy stuff... but this is MANDATORY!

YEAH!! >> the innocent little nina went to driving school today!! .. well not really driving yet
just the basic colour blindness test and a 5HOUR speech on the road safety!!

i can tell you one thing... i'm not blind all right.. i can see more than i should!!
the guys... well the guys in my class are all very good looking...but SHORT!
the girls on the other hand....
i can see this,
i can see that,
i can see somebody's this and that!

i'll leave it there.. try and guess what i'm trying to say


you know when they say when its 11:11 and you watch the clock goes 11:11
it means that someone's missing you?
well... that is officially PROVEN!

i was holding my phone when i turn from 11:10 to 11:11
and then... somebody called
i forze and almost died...
i asked my neice to say hello...
the next thing i know the line was cut

after a few seconds.. the caller called again...
my niece said hello again..
my neice too innocent..she smiled and gave the phone to me

and there was an utter silence ...
[the song of silence]
he got pissed off and said the word piggy2 ..and hung up

hot isn't it???.... i think its someone from my school... i dont mind lah.. i dont like any of them... he didn't sound handsome anyway....

his voice is suppper scary!! like and uncle... waaaaaaaaa
or it that just how boys sound in the phone..
i dont care!
all i know is that the voice is super scaarry

on the bright sight.... lady luck was also on our side today!
i had nothing to do and decided to tag along my parents to the market..
as in the pasar where they sell the fish and stuff
my mom bought prawns!!! the fish monger was happy that my mother was back in town and gave us a huge fish!!!! FOR FREEE!!!
and theres another fish monger that sings dangdut song..

and believe it or not.... it all happened today
and theres more to it....
i'm just too exhausted to write it all..
and believe me, you would be exhausted just reading about it!