Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 2:10 AM  2 stares
Guess what?!?!..

today i cooked a full course meal...
Rice, Fried Chicken, Ikan Bilis Pedas, Sup Sayur + Keropok!
+ Nina's Special Coffee [got a thumbs up from my grandma]

and it was pretty good if you ask me!.. i was a little bit sad because it doesn't really seem like my parents enjoyed it!.. or maybe they were just tired...

but at the end of the day.... licinnn...hahaha
(although i think i was the one who finish up most of it)

it's up to them to like it or not...
i'm just trying to help them feed me!!

tomorrow's menu?
.... well you're going to have to wait until tomorrow...

i want to upload the picture of the food i cooked but my memory card reader is somewhere over the rainbow.. and i have to find it fast!!

that leads us to my very own

13 Days Quest!!!

starts Wednesday January 19 2011

in this last 13 days of January I'm going to these things below
  1. I am not going to check my facebook... not even once! haha.. haha i constantly check my facebook account which made me feel kind of down when theres no new I'm going to enjoy my facebook free days and see how it goes!
  2. I'm going to update my blog everyday and fill these last 13 days with fun and adventures..even if i just sleep all day, i'll make sure that i at least dream of something interesting! if not, i'll make up a story or something!
  3. I'm going to look for my lost card reader.. if i cannot find in by the end of january.. i'm getting a new one!
  4. I'm going to be helpful around the house.. my parents are not to raise a finger!..
  5. I'm going to ride every exercise equipment in the house for at least 5 minutes each, everyday!
  6. I'm going to finish this 3 books : how to speak confidently-menjadi individu menarik-panduan sembahyang yang betul ... hahaha dont laugh at me okay!.. i have my reasons !
  7. I'm going to "Sembahyang Full"...sejak balik dari sungai petani ari tu, kejap semayang kjap tak.. tak elok ouh!!!.. oi ni patut nombor 1 cik nina oi!!!
  8. I'm going to try making as many dishes as possible!!.... Chef nina?? what do you think? .. hmmm..oh yeah.. i'm going to eat limited to only 2 plates per meal..lalalalala.. hahaha
  9. I'm going to update my phone... new theme perhaps? screen saver?? delete some old songs..
  10. hmm.. nk wat pe agi ek?... I'm going to take extra care of my hygiene... prevent zits and such! lagi cepat ilang, lagi cepat leh gi jumpa kengkawan skola rendah/menengah/ mana2 yg sewaktu dgnnya!
well wish me luck!
another busy day as Chef Nina waiting for me tomorrow..
byebye for now!

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