Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 6:18 PM  2 stares
yes! its true! i have proof!..

eh wait.. whats the difference between proof and prove?...

click here.. click there..
I've got it!!
(mcm mr bean)

Prove -
to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to prove one's claim.

Proof -
Printing . to take a trial impression of (type, a cut, etc.).

well that didnt make any sense!

moving on..
i have proof (or prove)
that i have been
[ mcm la org len x masak, nina oii!..]

my hands smell like onions..
i'm afraid to touch my face and my eyes!!

hmm how to solve this???


  1. Take a tablespoon or more of everyday table salt in the palm of your hands. Mix with cold water into a paste, then rub all over your hands. Rinse off and dry. Not only will the salt get rid of the odor, but it'll also exfoliate your hands, making them much softer!
*runs off and try...

It worked!!!!! YAY!!and my hands are as soft as a baby's bottom..
well.. better than that actually.. haha..

but there's still a little more smell because my fingers are incredibly long XD..
so i used some hand sanitizer! and tadaaaa... onion smell free- hands!!

you can also try
rubbing with sugar..
or maybe toothpaste..
and, if you're THAT rich : you can also use peanut butter..
but not all at once! hahaha

But ...WARNING~!!
DONT!! and i repeat
DONT EVER wash your hands using hot water! (to get rid of the onion smelll)
this is because it will open up the pores in your hand, allowing the smell of onions to enter and maybe STAY there!

now i'm eating super ring to celebrate..
my super soft hands are now officially super orange
and sticky.. haha

f.y.i : today i cooked
  • kari daging
  • telur dadar
  • ubi+ ayam yg didadu - pedas goreng.. uhh xtau ah nk panggil apa
  • hot chocolate...
as for my quest!
  1. i'm updating my blog right now.. so, one point for me!
  2. i havent checked my fb yet so far
  3. i cooked! ..duh..the 2 plates thing.. : working on it!
  4. my adventure to look for the card reader had lead me to find unexpected things that i don't really understand!.. if this continues i'm going to just buy a new one! i don't these mysterious things to haunt my mind now that i know it is there!
  5. will work on the others as the day goes on! .. hehehe..
thats all for now.. i'm going to get rid of this orange thing out of my hand..

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