Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 5:41 PM  2 stares
mimpi yg best gila???..what comes to mind when you hear something like that?..
hahahaha... jgn pikir pelik2!!! please laaaaaaa....hahahaha

when you dream of something that you really want to have
that is actually a gift from heaven!

you feel like you're living that dream
you get to feel the whole experience
maybe you might feel sad when wake up and realize its over
but somehow it gives you hope that i can actually happen
and make you work harder and strive!!

guess what i dreamt of?..
me going to overseaaaas!
it was soo cooollll
i went to japan!
and a push a trolly full of candies
and giving them out to dyslexia kids
who spelled the word mawi like this -> Maiw
soooo cuteeee....
and then a kid form my school showed up
what?!?! why?!?! i have no idea...

and then i was on top of a bridge with 2 of my japanese friends
they were soo cute! the look like superstars!
and then the a japanese girl came and talked one of my friends
they're not really on good terms with each other..
after the girl leave...the bridge suddenly shake

and then i woke up having to go to the toilet!
overall it was a fun dream!

tomorrow ... i have driving class!!!
10 more hours to finish before i can take the driving test!
it took me a whole day to finish 3 hours
so 10 hours would mean another 4 days at least!
i hate going there.. can i not?!??!?

driving is soo boring and not to mention dangerous!