Wednesday, January 26, 2011 @ 9:00 PM  4 stares
suddenly i feel like going overseas!!!

i want to take awesome pictures wearing a white very furry coat! and my face would get all puffed up in it! and i'm freeezing even though the coat is super thick

i want to sleep under the water and go scuba diving next to sharks and stingrays and take underwater pictures

i want to wear a kimono.. wait ! i did that already!... i want to wear sleep under the falling sakura~!i want to take a sakura flower and put it in my book~! (mcm bunga kering gitu)

i want to slide and ski on the snow.. i even want to lie on the snow and make really HUGE snow angel... and i want to make a snowman and a snow woman kissing! hahaha.. and one snow man got it head chop off my its snow-son! hahahaha

i want to wear one of those really big hats and go around smiling to people i know like i'm a cool foreigner!!

suprisingly.. i want to climb the highest mountain and feel the fresh mountain air

even though i might be very lelah when i get the top...
i also want to go and see why kuzcoo like machu pichu soo much

parisssss~~~! capital city of romance and fashion!.. i also want to eat their bread just to see whether its any different from Fairy's bread

i want to wear something like cleopatra and pose infront to the pyramid

and this one?.. i just want to stand next to it and doing one of those model pose like the one you seen in ANTM

yeah this too! imagine wearing a really gorgeous couture dress and just standing there in that picture

i'll to anything to get there!

this too!!

i dont mind where i go as long as i get to see something new somewhere

i dont mind where as long as i'll have a story to tell my family, friends and grandchildren

even if its a really isolated land somewhere out there! i'll go! there's no doubt about that
what's important is the experience that i can call my own!

hopefully my spm result will get me somewhere!
my teachers may laugh when they read this
my schoolmates may say i'm just talking big
i may not be the best student in the school
but i know i'll get there somehow..
maybe not with my spm result,
maybe there's a bigger chance out there for me later!
somewhere, somehow!..

let's see who'll have the last laugh!

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