Sunday, February 20, 2011 @ 5:25 AM  1 stares

Status : Currently addicted to Orange Caramel - Aing!

why? special reason actually..
i just saw that gay guy from secret garden dance to Aing in strong heart at sbsONE!
plus i saw they perform it at kpop countdown at the same channel! their legs and hand are super long! woaah

haha i love HD!!!.. now i'm addicted to looking at pretty pictures..
sometimes when i watch Dream High, i feel like wiping the screen..huhu..
how i wish all channel in astro have HD! (mengada!)

i was sick with my previous layout.. it looked so dusty! (hahaha hd pnya psal)
so i HD-ed my blog!! .. well not really.. i just picked the colors that reminds me of HD channels!
okay now i'm sick talking about HD..Topic Changggee!!!

a few days ago my father said
"eh.. ni.. kena kluar rumah jgak!.. xleh terperap je dlm rumah 6 bulan"

i think its the first time a parent say something like that.. 
usually.. on tv.. they always say something like " you have got to stop going out blablabla"
but in my case...its the total opposite!

i love staying inside!.. i get to watch tv.. go dream..
on the other hand.. crimes are wayy out of control these days.. i'm even afraid to walk alone in a mall
once i got left behind for 5 minutes in sogo when my phone just happen to die.. i almost cried!

anyway .. even if i want to go out.. how will i get to that place?
my parents are working..(cannot reveal the time because a thieve might be reading! hehe)
and when they get back they're tired and just want to call it a day
i dont blame them! really i dont! i understand!
so how am i suppose to get my pretty face out of the house?
drive myself? i dont have a license yet..
lets say if i want to work.. okay fine.. but how? even if i have my license i dont have a car!.. 
both of our cars my parents use to get to work! 

okay maybe i dont have to go far .. lets jog around the neighborhood shall we!?
the answer is : NO!
my neighborhood are full of scary people.. that always breaks in people's houses!
just imagine what they would do to me!
cohltae andwae
(main eja ikut bunyi je!)

haha..well i guess i made my point!..
so for now my plans for the holiday is eating, watching tv and blogging my heart out!
by the way stpm result will be out on the 21st of February.. wont be long till its my turn to face the music!