Tuesday, February 22, 2011 @ 2:35 AM  1 stares

Happy Birthday you..
i've canceled my friend request to you..
i've stopped talking about you..
and i've stopped thinking about you..
so thank you.. i'm no longer into you!.. 

anyway.. that's not what  i intended to post about today.. like i said before : i've moved on!

right now i'm stressed about something called "conversations"
it seems like today, everybody's  trying to tell me something..
so to tell me about that thing, they use a question!

Why on earth would you use a question to tell a statement!
i makes me feel like i'm the only one who doesn't know about it and they're playing "Ask Nina!"

let me tell you exactly what i mean..

first my father came home and ask.. "when is your next driving class?"

and i said " dont know.. i didnt recieve any message yet"

and then my father said " do you have class tomorrow?" in a weird tone

and i said "i dont think so.. no one told me about it!"

and then my father go and pick up my aunt at the airport..

when she saw me she asked
"nina, when is your driving class?"

and i said again " dont know.. i didnt receive any message yet"

but then she asked
"so you dont know when is the driving class??"
i simply nodded at the same time i was confused
later i received a text message from my cousin

"nina, do we have class tomorrow? "

and i replied the same thing i said twice before
"dont think so, i didnt get any message"

and then she said 
"aigoo...thats why i text-ed you..i called *** ** 
and she said we'll have class on tuesday.. she must thought that you already knew
good thing i text-ed you"

??What The Teddy??

is it a trend to tell something to some on by using questions?
i was boiling hot! serabut i tell you..

but after a long midnight shower,

i think i cooled down a

bit but i'm still confused!

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