Tuesday, February 15, 2011 @ 12:28 AM  2 stares
Addicted to maggi tomyam!!..
even though its sour
and at times tastless
but i want to eat some more!!

but maggi tomyam is not as Ruski Tomyam
i'm even MORE addicted to ruski tomyam
but the store (somewhere in pc) i went to didnt have ruski tomyam
so i had to settle for maggi tomyam

today .. i had 4 people asking me what i eat
so here's what i eat!
  1. >>>maggi tomyam
  2. >>>iced milo
  3. >>>nasi kukus (ayam)
  4. >>>kopi
  5. >>>biskut tiger
  6. >>>cream crackers
  7. >>>4 milky bar yg kecik.. eh ni kira 4 ke 1 ek?
  8. >>>buah delima...
  9. >>>beauty collagen.. does it count?.. maybe2

lawa la dier ni..
mcm aku je aku tgk!

when will the result be out?
some say we dont have to think so much about it
until the stpm result's out
because only after that will the spm be out
so.. when will stpm result will be out??

mngarut la post ni.. tapi serius xtau nk tulis apa dah..
so camne?? aku ngan anne hathaway sape lagi cun?
hahaha ( soalan mcm nk bunuh diri jek )