Wednesday, February 23, 2011 @ 2:14 AM  0 stares

I Started the day Happy
but then I got Moody
that went on for a while
until I was again Happy
sometime later I was Giggly
...i guess i'm neutral....Satisfied...
not flipping over anything or even too excited over anything 

 today i threw ruka pyon out.. her/his eyes went out and start shooting fireworks..
today my mother bought me elianto skin care product (ppl say it works)
today we ate at a kopitiam.. cheap but delicious!
today was a good day!.. i shouldn't have been soo grumpy most of the time~!

i am really grateful for everything i went to today 
and it was wrong for me to take it out for no reason
i'm about to become 18..i should act more mature.
.i guess a part of me didnt want to move on just yet!

what am i talking about??.. hahaha... 
bye bye....i think i'm going to doze off now.. 
today, the driving class was canceled due to an emergency my teacher had..
so tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

well everything happens for a reason!
today was the best!
hopping tomorrow will be even better!