Saturday, February 12, 2011 @ 5:30 AM  5 stares
10kg in 16 days... possible??????......
sape suroh ENGKO mkn bnyk sgt mse cuti hah?...padan muke!
ni camne ni nk berdepan dgn dorg2 tu??..
RESULT pon ntah kmana hala.. badan pon gitu gak!
muka pon.. kalo clean n clear xpe..
ni... dpenuhi particle2 merah

igt pandai kimia ah tu duk sebut "particle particle"..
i'm very dissapointed in you young lady!

hahaha... serius wei nina!... turun la sket berat bdn..
at least sampai weight aritu sebelum spm tuu

ari ni mkn bnyk la jgk..FINE..bnyk giler!..benda semua berat2
  1. >>>nasi lemak
  2. >>>supering (smalam x jadi makan)
  3. >>>hot choco
  4. >>>nasi + ayam panggang
  5. >>>air mango
  6. >>>curly fries
  7. >>>french fries
  8. >>>ayam goreng mcd
  9. >>>prosperity burger (beef)
  10. >>>air twister tu.. yg dpt skali ngan prosperity
  11. >>>air coke!
  12. >>>mushroom soup
  13. >>>garlic bread
  14. >>>corn in cup (large)
ni pon naseb la x naik x turun.... huhu.. work harder ninaaaaaaaaa!!!!
start arini.. kte mkan 7 bende sahaja sehari!!
air kosong x kire ya sbb air kosong dpt membantu penghadaman bla bla bla

so today i watch a very very very sweet thai movie!
i usually get bored in the middle of a movie
but this one.. i didnt get bored at all!!!

* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* A Crazy Little Thing Called Love*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
want to know what the story is about?...

a really ugly girl

who's inlove with her really handsome senior

she does this and that and makeover
and become really pretty
and she studied hard and become really smart

but then the handsome senior's best friend like the girl
so the handsome guy backs off
the handsome guy secretly love the girl too

even before she was pretty..soo sweet
in his hear he keep on saying
"girl you're amazing...JUST THE WAY YOU ARE"

okay maybe he didnt actually sing bruno mars but you know what i mean
and he even made a cute scrapbook that had all the girl's pictures in it!

and then the go through this and that and didnt get together
but dont worry...9 years later they meet again on a talk show..
and all lovey dovey ..bla bla bla
happy ending
the end!!

sweeeeeeeeeeeet sgt.. mcm kte yg fall in love!.. serius ckp!

and stakat sini dulu.. nk gi tdo dah.. pukul 6 sudaa