Monday, February 28, 2011 @ 5:50 AM  6 stares

The Wait

waiting for someone who probably never even existed
is like
waiting for the rain in the middle of the dessert

am i going to keep on waiting?.. no..
but i'm definitely keeping the memories
thank you

i'm just messing around with blogger..
i think its prettier when i align the pictures to the right

i try editing a few pictures to make it look more something but all i did was make that picture worse

so i just keep on taking pictures from other sites! haha they edit them soo pretty!
i just love looking at them!

i colored my nails..
right hand is red.. left hand is pink
haha its really weird .. my mom even
said "merahnyaaa"

but it looks really pretty when i hit the keyboard
and use the large astro beyond remote

it'll look prettier when i use the piano!
but still, its weird that they have different colors.

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