Friday, February 25, 2011 @ 4:51 AM  0 stares


This is real life.. i'm not posing for a magazine! 

dont ask me any questions till i get my caffine

cause i look c-u-t-e ...whatever.. i look wow

okay i dont have that big of a head! haha.. i think i'm cute but not that kind of glam-wannabe

thats actually a song i heard just now.. Super C-U-T-E by melissa molinaro!..

hahaha soo cute...she looks like kim kardashian ..
.she just doesn't have kim's tumor like butt asset!
which is good!.. she also can sing!!! 
unlike kim.. she have an actual talent..

i love her voice! 
more the song! its catchy! 
even though its kinda full of nonsense! i love it!

did you know 
she was also a contestant on the "pussycatdolls : in search of the next doll" thing.. 
 and she got eliminated a few episodes before the final episode.. 

too bad.. if she's in the pussycat dolls i would definitely re-watch + download every pcd video!
but if she's in pcd, she would definitely out shine nicole shirizinger-whats-her-face!

but that's just my opinion.. please don't sue me! haha..

whats up with this random post? :  just for fun!.. it completes my day! XD