Friday, February 11, 2011 @ 3:26 AM  0 stares
here it goes..
i'm thinking.. i'm thinking....
thinking over and over again of taking risks
but at the end of the day,
i go with the road that offers me safety
and spare me the potential humiliation

potential potential..
it reminds me of physics.. potential difference and stuff..

which reminds me of the result~!
which reminds me i've gain alot of weight
not to mention alot of acne problem nowadays..
thinking of ways to get rid of them

which makes me think of...

eunjung from t'ara
i lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeee her!
i want to marry her!!! eh.. BE BE... i want to be her!
her bone structure is amazing..and she takes beautiful photos
(mcm tyra slalu duk ckp dlm ANTM)

i cannot wait for the next episode of DREAM HIGH!
i know i can watch it online but i just love the anticipation!
i have to admit the show is kinda boring at first but now i'm addicted to it

i love watching song samdong all silly
he is soo sweeeet for a country bumpkin!
i love seeing IU as a chubby girl with a cute attitude
IU and that jason guy ... they make such a cute couple!!
i love watching eunjung all evil but still act innocent sometimes
i dont really like suzy / ko hyemi.. she's always grumpy for no reason
and i dont like taecyon because she love ko hyemi so much and got issues with his family
x baik tau menderhaka kpd kedua ibu bapa..

other than that
i love that english piano teacher... he's soo dorky..
and the replacement principle.. hahahahaha he started wearing like the previous princple which made him looked hillarious!
hmm.. i like that female teacher that keep on torturing everyone.. hahaha
i love that mr kang's sister ... she's hillarious!

and thats about it..
i think i'm going to eat supering and go to bed..
teringin sgt nk makan benda tuuuuuuuuuu .. x tahan daahh!