Monday, February 21, 2011 @ 3:25 AM  0 stares
god how i love looking at that kind of photos!
which is better?? border?? no border???
doesn't's soo cute!

i'm thinking of re-downloading adobe so that i can edit pictures again 
but that would mean more time on the computer..
soon my bottom could be friends with really puffy pancakes!

*would it be that bad?*

right now i'm busy promoting for my brother at snsd forum and pages on facebook!.
please dont misunderstand! i'm not actually promoting my brother...
i'm promoting FOR him!

he made a cute snsd mousepad which i thought would really sell like hot cakes!
so i helped him promote it! he was so skeptical at first but not anymore i tell you!

but i agreed to promote him if he keep on making pretty stuff.. only with high quality!
haha (promoter yg mengada)

so far i'm only approaching snsd fans..but still, its alot of work!
most of the time, i lost my attention and start to stare at snsd pictures!
haha.. the temptations are so hard to resist! d you know they look like dolls

when he start to make stuff with other kpop groups, i'll have to go through the same things again
i'm thinking of making a blog to  promote the kpop stuff he makes..
so puffy pancake bottom here i come!

p/s : just in case any visitor happen to pass by and interested by the custom made mousepad 
you can leave a comment!
(available for all malaysian)

i guess i've found something for me to do for another few months..
i didn't imagine my spm break would end up to do stuff like this!
its kind of fun!

oh yeah, almost forgot..other than that i have tonnes of things to watch on tv
starting tomorrow : paradise ranch, avalon high, sign, my girlfriend is a gumiho, hi my sweet heart, that movie with jackie chan in it, strong heart, kpop countdown, and more! (saja gedik nk list)