Wednesday, March 30, 2011 @ 5:31 AM  2 stares

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i wonder how did that big fat cute panda get up there?..
dear mr.panda .. you have got to teach me that! okay?

Being alone is not a big deal when you dont feel lonely..
in fact no one in this world is suppose to feel lonely
why?.. well people these days have boyfriends/girlfriends
if you dont.. you have your best friends and just friends friends
if you dont.. you have your family.. mother father..siblings.. grandmother..cousins
so .. if you're still lonely even with your family around.. than you should try appreciating them more.. there is seriously something wrong you..
or maybe you're just going through puberty.. that's all! hahaha
the phrase "no one understands me" doesn't really exist..
it does but its not true.. you're the one who's being unreasonable to others
you build up walls instead of bridges .. so.. snap out of it!

on the other hand.. being bored is not the same thing...
i was really bored earlier..
a friend logged off as soon as i sign in.. watever..nina.think positive..
my friend other friend used the "ni 1sen yang last" trick to get rid of me to reply my first message..
its okay.. a little hurt but .. nevermind.. positive thinking..
so i stopped contacting anyone else since everyone not in the mood to chat..
i disturb my mother exercising instead! hahaha...its fun...especially when she give her killer stare!

in other dad brought  food upstairs after midnight..(specific : fried rice + meat and others )
the temptation was soo hard to resist! .. so i ate did my mother who was exercising..
so after that i have to burn it all again so my plan to sleep early have to wait untill tomorrow!..
so i cleaned my more dust... no clothes out of place.. no dead insects or...nevermind! haha

 other than my parents.. facebook also made me smile! (haha i am seriously bored)

dalam ramai2 kat fb tu.. A,B,C dan D sahaja melayan ku di waktu sebegini! haha.. D tu abg aku la.. A tu kazen.. lagi 2 orang perticle sesat ..lagi sorang si E.. kakak kuu! mmg setiap status aku dier comment ah.. yg ni je blom lagi!.. haha..

and thats my story of boredom which engulfed my boredom away!... haha ..

p/s : rain nak datang msia!! .. tiket drpd RM158... kat F1 sepang .. after race concert!.. nk gi ke tak?
p/s 2 : haha.. bruno mars nak datang msia... iklan bukan main lagi.. padahal dah sold out! huh..
p/s 3 : .. best ke eh ps3... tak pernah aku main benda2 PS PS ni.. huhu...