Monday, March 7, 2011 @ 1:28 AM  3 stares know how yesterday i went all out on the photo-gediks thing.. i'm not going to do that.. just sharing 1 picture of mee~!

opps ..that's mee... which looks incredibly tasty..anyway, i meant me~!

why? just for fun! haha.. that was taken last February after chinese new year
thats my cousin.. she, my sisters and i went out for a girls day out!
we went bowling and ate at noodle station!
most importantly.. i look soo.. something.. haha
(tapi pipi agak ke-tembam-an)

anyway.. out of the blue.. i have driving class tomorrow at 2pm!
gidaridaga .... *sings 2pm tired of waiting all of the sudden

i think i'm going to watch a thai movie before i sleep.. :) 
if its good, i'll write a post about it tomorrow