Sunday, March 6, 2011 @ 3:20 AM  2 stares

One whale, recorded since 1989 and tracked since 1992, sings at a frequency of 51.75 Hz, whereas others of her kind sing at 15 to 25 Hz. She's lonely because no one else can hear her

just think.. maybe to other whales she's a mute... but actually she can talk/sing... but at a higher frequency..

just like mute and deaf people.. perhaps they can speak/hear at a higher frequency.. its just not the same as ours... maybe its just slightly higher.. because we can hear the sounds they produce but not all... if they really could not produce any sounds we shouldn't be able to hear ANY kind of sounds from them..

someday.. i'm going to do an experiment on this.. somehow! 
maybe like mr kalusner and his sound machine....
why???... because nobody likes not being listened to.. 
just imagine you're trying to tell something but no one in the world hears you..
its frustrating and not to mention lonely!

lonely... i'm mr lonely.. i have nobody... all on my ownnnnnnnn ohhh i'm so lonely..
*sings mr lonely by akon all of a sudden!.. haha

haha.. both of the inspiring words above are from britney spears song.. notice?

which brings me to the topic : "blogging"
why do people nowadays blog?

well first of all its because its sort of a trend ..a way to become famous like celebrities
its where you can show off all of your cham-whoring moment
okay maybe that word is a little harsh.. lets use the term photo-gediks
its where you can show off all of your GREAT photo-gediks moment!


i wont deny that i was like that.. i wanted to show all the "pretty" pictures of me
but after blog walking a few hundred blogs.. i just find it annoying to look at bunch of pictures of my own generation posing as if they're so desperate to sell themselves on the internet!

and i wondered : do people have this kind of feeling when they look at my pictures?
cause if they do, its not good!

so i've stopped posting "cutesy" pictures of me in EVERY SINGLE POST..
just not to seem THAT DESPERATE..
i have something called PRIDE .. and i'm not going to sell them online! 

but that doesnt mean i dont post my pictures at all.. just not all the time like some bloggers..
once in a blue moon(cehhwah)
mcm gi pantai ke...

bgi sape2 yg post sikit2 tu xpe la.. x kisah.. yg menyampah nye bile satu blog tu penuh ngan gambar u.. dah la gambar besar gedabak!... pastu header yg ade gambar u yang diedit pakai paint!.. muka pon edit konon mcm barbie padahal ...ehhemm lu pikir la sendiri... maruah letak mane?...

cuba byngkan cucu cicit masa hadapan tgk gambar yg korang letak kat blog tu.. maluu ouhh.... cuba byngkan nenek korang yg amik gambar mcm tu zaman diorg dulu.. mesti malu kan kita tgk?.. so insaf2 la blogger yg blogging sbb nk popular tapi muka x seberape tuh

(emotional pulak aku ni..saje je nk menyuarakan pendapat..
kalo gi kat blog diorang konfem something like this will come up "suka hati aku la blog aku")

so bila pikir2 balik perangai diorang ni.. its just a cry for attention..
mungkin x bertemu jodoh... mungkin boyfriend yg ade x memenuhi kriteria pastu nk cari lain.. maybe kurang perhatian sbb diorg rase diorg cun and perlu lebih perhatian.. mungkin kurang di puji so letak la gambar bedozen-dozen bagi chance untuk visitor puji...mungkin kurang kwn yg sekepala and blog je la tempat diorang nk tunjuk bahawa diorg cool

hahhaha..nape emotional sgt nii nina oii...

well anyway.. lets go to number 2 shall we
blogging to say something and hoping that some one hears and cares..
thats why i blog!
sometimes the thought of someone reading is enough.. even though no one actually is..
your silly thoughts, your boring day or your moody feelings..
time ayat2 pasrah mencurah-curah..
memang xde sape yg suka layan ayat2 negative
so .. blog je la tempat untk mencurahkan segala-galanya!
lepas tu kite ok balik.. no harm done!

i think i write too long for today.. byebye