Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 4:48 PM  3 stares
I Have to find a job
I Want to have a job
I Need to have a job
Why do i need a job
Where can i find a job
Can you give me a job
Am I good enough for a job
Will anyone take me for a job
What does it take to have a job
It is that necessary to have a job

but the most important thing is 
How do i get to my workplace if i have a job

easy.. i can work with my brother..
but the pay is 1 ringgit every 3 day.. in a month i'll have only RM10
thats a scam!
my brother is not that cruel! is based on the things i get to sell
i took me 3 days to sell a few snsd keypad.. and my profit was only rm1.20

other people are making 500-1800 per month!
if i make 500 a month.. i have 2000 in 4 month and can help my parents pay for my tuition next year
if i make 1800 per month.. i can make 3600 in two months and maybe pay for my whole tuition in time!

and this year the university enrollment is around september.. or july (the earliest).. 
i have AT LEAST TWO MONTHS to make money to help my parents help ME!.. 

the only problem is .. i dont have transpot to go to work here in kelantan
i dont have my drivers license just yet.. even if i do, i dont have a car
the bus to get around town in kelantan... does it exists ?
its different i live in kl.. i can ride the train, lrt, monorail, transit bus, bla bla bla.. really easy..
but my siblings house there is full of dust.. i cannot bare living there for 2 months!!
haccchuummm haaachuumm...

(bye..going out)