Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 3:32 AM  2 stares
keep your head down.. thats what i should've done...
tu la semalam perasan sgt igt nk pass senang2 je.. tgk apa dah jadi..
nevermind.. i'm sick of talking about today's test..

anyway a few days ago i went to kl.. from friday to monday..
the traveling sickens me.. but the shopping heals me! muahaha...
the best part : Eating just about everything...

1. Poppye!
 Perfect chicken.. Unique Fries.. Reasonable Price

2.Tutti Frutti!
ice cream...banana..cereal..candy.. syrup.. all my favorite things in one.. the price is also all in one! haha

3.Restoran Insaf!
nasi beriani mahal... tapi sedap.. ramai pulak tu org kt kdai tersebut.. 

ngap ngap ngap.. wajibal ghunnah

baquette pizaa ape ntah.. sdapppp

5 boxes of pizaa...and believe it or not.. all gone! 

7.Pizza Hut
hasil dating abg no2 ku... dpt try spicy chicken wings.. sedappp

bentou.. tak sedap tapi sronok makan.. rse cam org jepun.. this make me realise that i dont like raw food!! they give me headache ...

talking about japanese things...i went to see i pad.
 but sadly there were soo many people looking at them.. so i just had to settle for the ipad wallpaper outside of the store

 anak sedare ku.. safiya.. mata dia bulat.. still xleh lawan mak cik dia nii.. muahahaha

 eye mask! muahaha.. i've been searching forever for this ... cute kan??

 sambil tunggu kat lobby quality hotel.. ber-photo-gedik-ing... lighting besttt!!

 ermm.. ni konon candid.. baru lepas dpt kasut.. hepi semacam .. hahaha jgn jelse
 and this one at gulati!!!!!!! mat2 bagla semua duk tgk! hahaha... memang gadis idaman bangla laa..

when i was in sunway pyramid...i heard a familiar voice .... 
"eh mcm suara he qun"... *runs to take a look  

ITS HIM!!!..ITS NICHOLAS TEO!.. waaaaaahh...
i screamed my heart out..
org len(mostly chinese) semua memandang kearahku "eh jakun btol bdak ni.."
then i start to take pictures
and at one point he looked up and heart melts soo fast that i didnt get to picture of his face!..
yg ni je paling clear pon..huhuhu...

and that conclude my trip to kl.. i gained a few kg... AGAIN!.. hadoii... 
ape la nak jadi..

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