Saturday, March 26, 2011 @ 7:49 PM  0 stares
Heyyyyyy~! Heyyyyy~! Heyyyyyy~! .. 
(macam lagu soul sister) 

its nothing like my nightmare! which is good!

syukur allhamdulillah! ..
most of my friends got 7A's but they're still not satisfied.. 
and they are struggling with picking the right university courses
all because of one or two subjects that i didn't get!
but thats their problem!

 thank you god for saving me that trouble 
thank you god for giving me what you did..

i think god is being too nice to me.. 
every time i think of it my eyes get all teared up..
because i feel like i dont deserve such nice treatment!
thank you god! 

allah maha pemurah lagi maha penyayang.. 
maha pengasih.. maha mengetahui.
(i feel like reciting the asma ul-husna haha)

gambar latest...yesterday! haha.. sbg penyemak blog

so there are a few things i need to do now :
  • think carefully where i want to go
  • read the newspaper more often
  • consider taking arabic classes in these few months
  • decide carefully before i update my UPU for the last time
  • figure out how and where can i get a decent job 
  • why does celcom charge so much for sms..every  100 sms cause me RM10.. so expensive
  • where can i fix my phone? can it still be fixed?
  • what to buy for my mother's birthday
  • how to skim the laziness out of me
  • how to skim the fat out of me! hahaha.. i mean take care of my health laa..
  • enhance my communication skills.. yeahh!
  • how to stop day dreaming soo much.. i'm telling you.. its fun but kind of scary sometimes.. i feel like there's something wrong with me! haha

if my sister hears this i'm sure she will say something like this :

nandayo means "what are you talking about?" in japanese
haha pengaruh citer jepun tajuk gokusen.. lakonan matsumoto jun.. 
saje2 edit n upload kat cni.. kalo update kat fb kang malu kal dier.. 
contohi lah saya..saya adik yang baik! hahaha