Tuesday, April 5, 2011 @ 2:57 AM  2 stares

yesterday i talked about believing 
today.. its about faith.. 
haha..what on earth am i talking about ?
we must have faith that god will help those who ask for help, blessing, and will always watch over us

4/4/11.. i had my JPJ test
in a alot of ways .. it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to have passed
but somehow i did...
Allhamdulillah.. thank you god..
and thank you everybody that have prayed for me
thank you to those who thought me
thank you to those who have supported me
thank you my pillow for giving me a good night sleep
thank you my fever who somehow made me feel more confident
thank you "sokmo" water bottle that supply drinks for me
(now i'm just over reacting)

i still couldn't believe that i passed..
still.. i couldn't gloat.. i felt like i didn't do my best.. 
only god knows how grateful i am..

"give thanks to allah.. for the moon and the sun.. "

i had a lot to say but when it slipped right out of my mind the moment i start to type about it..
that means my brain is asking me to sleep.. bye bye for now