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Hello.. hello.. hello..hello... *sing the song in my blog
Hello .. hello *sings shinee song hello
when we type hello so many times.. it kinda looks weird.. haha


guess who??.. shinee's minho~! yeahh!

=.=... you dont have too look so excited... hahaha

so anyway.. today i'm just going to say what's on my mind (don't i always?)
so first.. twilight new moon..this is just my opinion.. for twilight lovers out there please dont flip...
edward is  missing.. bella is with jacob.. they went to the movies..jacob still have long hair.. something happened .. jacob merajuk

next day.. bella's father went fishing.. bella went out to find jacob... and then it rained... jacob hair is suddenly short and his body was soo er... nevermind..censored hahaha

okay.. what i'm trying to point out is... her father went fishing.. and then she went out to find jacob and all of the sudden it rained? it doesn't make sense.. it was raining soo heavily and jacob was smoking hot even when it was raining.. hahaha.. not that lah!... it doesn't make sense that it would rain so heavily in a blink of an eye.. and her father that went fishing... come on? during a heavy rain?..if it was going to rain that heavily it must have been cloudy before.. but no.. it was supper sunny.. i know they're trying to highlight jacob's hotness but come on... be more realistic

and there's another fun fact.. from watching twilight.. i can conclude that "only freaks are attracted to bella".. i mean.. first a twinkling vampire... next a giant hairy  super hot  werewolf ?..

also..when jacob magically transform into a wolf..his shirt ripped off... what dont his pants rip off too?? (not that i was hoping it would.. hahaha)

and dont you think its weird that only the cullens twinkle... how bout the "black eyed peas" vampire .. they dont twinkle in the sunlight.. twinkle twinkle little star.. haha

and thats only about the part that i watched.. i cannot wait until i'm bored enough to stay and watch the whole thing.. hahaha.. just a foot note : i love edward as cedric digory more than the twinkling vampire.. 

...anyway... lately i sort of regret letting go something that i did..
i feel sort of jealous when i see my friends are changing their status to "married".."enggaged".. "in a relationship with...." and writing jiwang quotes on their wall
 but i think it is because of something called puberty.. haha..  i just need to remind myself the perks of being single, why am i single and what will happen if i'm not single..

it true and i've seen it with my own eyes.. 
most people who start having a "couple" will get attached to having someone whispering cutesy lovey dovey things to their ears.. so, when their relationship comes to and end.. they will have another one in no time.. 
to me i feel that at some point that person will lost the real meaning of a relationship..

i want to enjoy my time with my family and friends instead of thinking about what my boyfriend thinks of me and getting into silly fights with him like most couples do

god had already written our live long journey.. and also our love life..
all we can do is pray for the best..
instead of changing partners every full moon why can't we wait until we find the right one..
as for me? ..i want to marry my first love

one day when my daughter/son asked me who was my first love.. i would like to just point and say "he's right there".. just like my parents did when i asked them a few years back..

what else can i say.. 
theres this guy on my fb.. he already have a girlfriend.. but he still chats with me
he keep on asking do i have a boyfriend.. i dont blame him.. i admit i'm cuter than his girlfriend..teehee
but i feel bad for his girlfriend...i wouldn't want someone like that..

(ehemm ... nape aku layan?... boring la wei.. layan bodo2 je.. ckp pasal hantu.. haha dont worri last skali mmg clear just friends.. berjaya aku buat prangai scha alyahya.. haha .)

all guys are land crocodile!
semua lelaki adalah buaya darat! hahaha

last2.. yg paling sesuai dgn aku ialah 3 dibawah

hahaha... especially this last one.. so whenever i feel like couple-ing.. i'll just read this post to remind myself that i dont need a man... *sing pussycat dolls i dont need a man

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