Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 2:58 AM  0 stares
look look look~!

minho has the perfect muscle..

 wahhhhhhh.... i really want to lean on his shoulders!
(minho.. not this kid!..haha)

 waaaaaaaaa... curry!! i want curry! my mother's curry! i don't want to make it by myself!
(and also.. the gas is out!)

maggi??.. no.. no.. dont feel like it!

anyway today and yesterday i've been carving to drink iced water... like  sunkist orange.. waaaa

waaaa air bandung

if i count my BMI using malaysia's measurements i would still be overwieght!
if i count my BMI using australia/oversea's measurements i would be normal by now!
MALAYSIA is what i am for!!!

once i read on the internet.. you're HOT if you're BMI is 21..
meaning.. not too thin yet not at all fat..
that means for me10kg's to go!

but if i want to be like korean stars that have the same height as me...
that would be...
18 kg's to go...
but i don't think i'll look good if i'm too thin! XP

but for now! one kg at a time!! berusaha!!!

aduhh.. terasa nak makan goreng pisang pulak dah
(untuk kanak2 yg mengambil UPSR PMR dan SPM.. terma sebenar ialah pisang goreng ye)