Saturday, April 2, 2011 @ 3:42 PM  1 stares

meow...dont push! yes i'm using a new skin! guilty is charged hehehe...

i was very satisfied with the previous one but suddenly, the banner had a broken link..
so i changed the whole thing..this time it didn't take me that long to find the perfect one..
perfect ...with a few minor adjustment :P ..

i edit the photo options to look a little cloudy and when you hover it clears and it have a pink border! cute right?

and this layout original have another board that have profile and tagboard and all that but i deleted them all.. it was just an eye sore.. now it looks pretty much the same as my previous skin..

and i add the comment thinggy! hahaha.. just for fun..but instead of at the top of the post .. its at the end.. huhuh .. not so satisfied but as long as it works...

and there's the song.. i like the song hello hello... and a few other song.. i dont like the japanese song in there.. very noisy so i'll try figure out the music code they use.. it loads very fast so it kinda made think twice before removing it.. but at some point i think i'll remove the song anyway..

i like that song! i dedicate that song to.. what his name?..
i've already forgotten.. :D
(did i really??? hmm.. yeah i did)