Friday, May 13, 2011 @ 2:02 AM  0 stares
i'm officially a gleek!

i love the episode where they made their own song!

i love rachel's spirit!
i love quin's blonde hair! soo much volume!
i love britanny's style
i love santana's attitude
and ..on top of it all.. i love puck and lauren!!!!!!

they are such a cute couple!!
yes.. i just said that!...
yes they are!! sooo cutee together!

i love them more than mike and chang
i love them more than finn and rachel / quinn or whoever he's with

if i'm allowed to pick my love story.. i want it to be like puck and lauren's!!
please please please!

i dont want a love story like finn and rachel.. too much problems

i want a carefree love story like puck and lauren~!
i want a guy who's crazy about me!
who would stop at NOTHING to get me!
 i'm giving myself goosebums

god if you're going to give me a love story like the princess diaries 2,i dont mind...

in other news.. i ate ALOT today
1 bungkus of nasik goreng at 5:00 o'clock
3 piece of jacob cream crackers andd cofee afterwards
1 pack of strawberry rocky~
party snack! nyammy
and another bungkus of nasik lemak at 2  o'clock in the morning!

and theres 6 days left to stay home!
should i regret eating that nasik lemak at 2...
nope i shouldn't! bkan slalu makan naisk lemak ayam!
kat kuantan tu ntah ade ke tidak nasik lemak ayam itu!
who cares if i'm "as fat as a stuffed persian"6 days from now

wait!! i care!!! first impression is EVERYTHING!!!
excercise!!! urmm..maybe tomorrow!..
hahahahhaha .. not going to happen!!