Saturday, May 14, 2011 @ 2:08 AM  2 stares

huhu... you must be sicky2.... my previous post is no where to be found! hahaha..
get well soon! and make sure my post last night is all right!.. if she dies... i kill you!.. just kidding i won kill you my bloggie~ auww

congrats syamimi~~~!
bak kata ehem : mimie je lah!
mimie yahaya pn balas : g je la.. xdak choice dah!... (something like that!)

hahaha the stalker that i am!!..

the wall post is like a melody in my head that i can't keep out ..
got me singing like ... nanana everyday like my ipod stuck on replay~

i love his covers~! sometimes i think he sounds like a girl.. but nevermind that!

today i feel like talking about ssome messed up things about the lyrics in songs~

today i'm going to start off with bruno mars~

...Just The Way You Are...

when i see you're face
theres not a thing that i would change

when you see my face only?..
what about when i'm not around? you're saying you want to change something? huh??


should've known, you were trouble, from the first kiss
got you're eyes wide open
why were they open?

excuse me? you got you're eyes open too!
you saw my eyes open! :P
why am i the bad guy all of the sudden?

what you don't understand is i catch a grende for ya
but you wont to the same said you were going to catch it for me?
now you're asking me to do it?
gentlement much?

..Marry You..

its a beautiful night... we're lookin for something dumb to do
ohh babyyy i think i want to marry you


thats it! its over between us bruno mars!

5 days to go? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa