Saturday, May 7, 2011 @ 6:42 AM  2 stares
i really need to get myself google chrome on this laptop! i miss my spell checker

today i learnt the meaning of devine? divine? intevention
it means help from god.. when fate allows it .. and so on..

....however is that word spelled ...
i believe in karma
not the indian mambo jumbo
but i belive that if you do something nice, we will get something nicer in return
but if you do something wrong, you'll get something worse in return

good thing :
i was bowling.. and at first i didn't hit any pins at all
after that somone asked for a bowling ball.. and i gave it to them..
after that i did alot better!
bad things :
so during these spm holidays i've been really mean
my mouth was unstoppable..
i clearly know that it was wrong to say mean things to other but i didn't seem to mind
well i didn't actually say it... well i did.. and then i wrote about it in my blog
and then after that i chat to my sister about it and then told my friends about it
it was horrible...

in return i didn't get exactly what i wanted..

my tounge got some kind of ulser..

and my leg hurts sooo bad, i couldn't even walk right!

and also.. i accidently liked a status of a really religious boy in my school!

well that was embarassing... so i unliked it... or maybe i should just leave it like that?
waaaa i'm not logging on facebook anymore!

anyway .. apart from that

i was also a little bit annoyed by people's "happy mother's day" statuses on facebook
so i used my freedom of speech and said " why on earth do you wish it one day early"
but then someone said to me "it's okay to wish today or anyday~"
and i was embarassed of course!
but what i meant was : why would you make it your status
when you're mother doesn't even know how to go online!
or even have facebook!

and there i go again.. talking bad things about other people... in this case.. people i don't even know!

worse thing of it is.. i blame others for my failure... that's what a real loser does... stop it nina!

when i talk to my parents... i tend to get a little grumpy ... because of the ulcer i'm having...
it makes you feel lik "not in the mood for talking"..
 i can't even brush my teeth, eat or even daydream in peace

and there i go again blaming the ulcer for my attitude!

so from now on nina
stop blaming other's for you're failure
stop blaming you're health for you bad attitude
and stop bad mouthing other people.. even if they're awful..
just keep them to yourself  and shut up!
stop gloating about yourself to your parents..
give them proof!
prove it to them!!!

just kick the past behind and step into high gear and be the best person that you can!

same goes for you syamimi! everything happens for a reason!
living in the past is not going to get you anywhere!
i'm not asking you to forget about your dream
there is always another way
di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada jalan!
jgn sedih lamo2... sy sedih kalo awk sedih :( hahaha

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