Tuesday, May 3, 2011 @ 4:34 AM  2 stares

there are alot of things that i would want to wish right now

i actually feel like i'm blessed and currently getting more than what i asked for my whole life...

but still, there are things that i would like to wish for

its not wrong to wish for things
that's what we're supposed to do
we are asked to pray and ask god for help
we are asked to pray and be greatful for everthing we've been blessed with

but everything happens for a reason..
with god's permission, everything will fall into its place
hopefully god gives us the strength to keep on going

hopefully our religious belief will grow stronger everyday
through everthing that he's testing us with..

keep the faith that god never burden his subjects with things they can't handle!

so everything that i went through
and everything that i'm going through
is because god knows that i can handle it!