Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 4:15 AM  3 stares
i just watched 500 days of summer~!

in the begining... it was sort of boring.. the girl looks like the evil girl from sky high.. or is it her?
haha whatever!.. as the story continues it became really sweet..even though their activity is sort of boring

and also,  i lost interest when they started showing the guy's life shattering into pieces
it was also an empowering moment .. because a girl could actually do that to a guy!! well done Summer!

and then, in the end.. he met another girl named autumn..
yeah.. i wish theres 500 day's of autumn.. haha.. and then spring and then winter!

the movie makes me feel like listening to colbie calliat songs....
you make me want to say aduuhh aduhh aduuh duhh duhh (i do - nina's version)

10 days... opps.. 9 days to go! because the day of the event doesnt count! so i have 9 days to go
8 days if you subract the day i need to be leaving!.. so i hace 8 days left to stay home!

aww.. just when i've started to get attached to my HD-ed astro, tetris on facebook and sleeping all day

a friend of my is changing into a "new person" for university..
what more is she going to change about herself?
i honestly don't understand why would she want to change into a new person

if i want to change myself .. i have no idea what else can i change into..
be more polite?..
be more outspoken?....
be nicer ?....
be more "sporting" ?

why should i ? to be liked?... if i'm too nice.. people will step on my head!
if i'm too outspoken.. some will think i'm a control-freak

at the end of the day.. i wouldn't want to be anybody else..

i like who i am..
i should try pushing away my gedikness and my hobby of talking about other people
and i've decided what kind of person i'm going to be

i'm going to be myself!

the hardworking me that i was when i was in form 3 when all i did was study
the honest me that i was when i was in form 5.. where i wasn't afraid to admit i was wrong and that i dont know
the friendly me that i was in form 4 where i learn to mingle with people !
the innocent me that i was when i was a baby... where i dont have bad thoughts about other people!
and the me that i am right now who try to think everything through before going along with something! 
and last but not least ..just pray that everything will fall into its place...

but as far as everything goes up till now.. i dont want to change a thing
sure there are things that make me feel embarassed just thinking about it!
but it made me who i am today

most of my friends are taking and engineering.. and chemicals related
while i'm taking english!

i don't feel that i should be ashamed!
and here's a saying that's been through my mind these couple of days

if its the only thing i'm good at! i might as well be the best at it!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iā€”

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference

sedihnyaaa... tnggal 8 hari je nk tag post kat blog pkai "cuti spm"