Thursday, May 5, 2011 @ 4:06 AM  1 stares

dah lama tgk tripoom.. terlupa pasal p'shone

tertipu tertipu tipu tertipah

aiyoo pada era langit terbuka ini.. semua org berfikiran terbuka
terbuka sangat sampai senang sangat kena tipu..
kesian lah kepada  mereka yang ditipu

saye yg baik ni.. org tak caye..
dier caye kat laki yg dier kenal online selama 7 bulan.. pastu ckp sye ni x puas hati ngan dier n "aiman" which is not the guy she thinks he is...  papelah.. kte nk tolong je kan.. i guess she fell for his lie's  and it is none of my problem exactly.. sye just kesian kalo benda camni jadi kat ye sye akan sgt la sedih.. 


n i think i'm didn't use any "kata-kata kesat"...ckp ngan penuh sopan n penuh beradab siap salam and bukti pon ade.. n offer lagi kalo nk tgk bukti lagi...


so to everybody out there... please don't get involved with online relationship.. everything online is not  what it seems..

i look thin online but reality?
 i'm not!

my face looks flawless online but reality?
it's not!

i'm great girl to have a fun conversation with.. but reality?
 i'm not!

i met this girl online and promised to meet at the interview
from her picture she looked super skinny
from the way she chat , she's super friendly and humble..
when i saw her, she's the exact opposite of my expectations!

so girls out there.. all of you have pretty faces
if you look carfeully EVERYONE is pretty in their own way
i honestly say that..

 even the people i hate, they're pretty in their own way
so you don't have to sell yourself online
you're not respecting yourself..

just live your life everyday
striving for the best
working hard to make everyone aroud you happy
listen to you heart and statisfy youself

only then will your prince charming,
or maybe your "the rock!"
or maybe your korean hero
will pour his feeling towards you
and you'll both live happily ever after...