Sunday, May 1, 2011 @ 4:46 AM  1 stares
from now on.. 
i've decided to throw my worries in the air and enjoy my life
no more trying to read between the line.. 
i'm just going to read what's there..
and that's the end of it

i just got addicted to this...

sooo cuteeee
i feel like buying LG ice cream phone..
life's good with LG

 they are so pretty... can i be them? pleasse?

well we went out all day and my tummy is bloated..haha...
it was... something i can't describe..hahaha..

by the way.. is my layout messed up??
i'm viewing from my sister's laptop using mozilla
and everything is not in its right place
why?? waaaaa i dont want to change my skin just yet...
tahan jela..