Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 4:14 AM  0 stares
i think i can feel how people studying overseas must feel
not eating rice for 2 whole days is a HELLo for me.. haha
i want rice~ but still i'm not starving or anything.. just a little bit hungry..

its been about a month now .. well almost.. life in university is alo like what it was during boarding school... except.. here they dont supply food, they dont tell you what to do, and they dont have free transpot

as for friends and classmate! they are awesome!! most of their brain works exactly like mine!
some are a little more agressive than others but they're okay... everybody's fine! there's no gedik2..
but still there's the type of people that want to be friends with "smart" people... go ahead.. knock yourself out!! i mean it!...literally!!.. hahaha

last week i went to shah alam lepaking with my sister~ lalallalaa
just a foot note.. i'll write about it if i feel like it someday...
right now.. i just want to sleep

tag : uk as in uitm kuantan.. hahaha

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