Sunday, August 14, 2011 @ 9:56 AM  0 stares
i hate you wifi uitm....

when i key in facebook dot com.... it loads as fast as lightning
went i key in youtube dot come.... its Almost paraaadissseee ~!
when i key in "insert educational things here" .... it wont even try to load
what is wrong with you!!!  do you hate me???? why won't you let me searchh??? tell me whyyy!!!

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nok broadband!!!

on the other hand.. i have college reading quiz tomorrow!
since i think i did badly on the first one.. i have to do my best tomorrow..
unfortunately.. i dont know what is going on with my biological clock..

i tried sleeping at 2 o'clock last night.. which was early for me on weekend...
i dozed off peacefully
but.. i woke up at 3 because.......of several reasons
so i tossed ..and turned... and shove my head in a pillow... and cover my head with blanket..
but the lights were still on. shining on me.. so .. no luck!
so i thought about a lot of things and tossed and turned some more
and then the lights were off...
but still i couldn't sleep... waiting for subuh to come..
after subuh.. my head was saying " morninggggg"
 if i sleep.. i'm afraid that i'll wake up really late and will have a hard time to sleep tonight...

so right now i'm searching for the things i'm supposed to find ..
but i guess mr. google is still sleeping
mr. yahoo lacks information
and er?.. okay... no thanks

huihhhhhh i've been tring to wake mr google up since 7!
liat btol!
while waiting for mr google... i listened to everything from shakira to britney to disney
lady gaga.. not yet.. to early in the morning to watch something that freaky!

before the break 2 tests... 1 assignment due ..2 presentations
after break 2 assignments (which includes presentations)... 1 presentation
i don't know where to start!
and now .. the battery is running low... 20 minutes remaining...
 my head works just fine now! AMAZING RACE!...
if you want to stay up.. try listening to britney..
hahaha... not sure if it'll work for the whole day.. lets see ~

now .. listening to s club 7... waaaa.. 
i miss these kinds of songs.. where songs actually make sense..
i guess its mostly because most of my friends here likes korean..
fanatics even!
so my korean love slowly fade away
i dont like being the same as everybody else..
the more people like korean.. the more i try not to

but theres one clear diffrences.. they love boy groups..
i love girl groups! so i dont really mind sharing the same interest

wahhh i miss s club 7...
note to self : i have to buy the cd on my next visit to megamall or EC...