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the last week before our eid holiday!!!
and it starts off... okay i guess

just now i had my college reading presentation... i was shakkkkinnggg!... i held a paper.. i heard my voice were shaking and when i hold the paper it was having an earth quake.. so i put it back down.. my words stumbled a alot as if i'm doing a tongue twister.  now that i think of it.. it was not as bad as this the first time i had to talk in front of the class.. i guess i get nervous when i present in front of the people i  know instead of getting nervous in front of people i dont know.... gahhh i hate this...

but i did better than i expected... everything was organised.. and i didnt say "umm" alot..
at the end of the presentation.. my hands felt like it went to Antarctica and came back through teleportation!

let me tell you about the first time i had to talk to a microphone ... it was when i was in form 4..
it was at an leadership camp.. i was an LDP (like a prefect)...

so my favourite addmaths teacher was giving a speech about how to host an assembly..  she then choose randomly from the audience to pretend to host in front... guess who's first?.. ME!

so i was alike OMG... so i just went anyway... and start talking like crazy.... bla bla bla bla
without realising .. i keep on passing the mic from my right hand to m left hand..and my left hand to my right hand and again and again..

and the teacher told me.. that i shouldn't have done that! hahaha... i also said something which made the crowd burst into laughter... and when they laughed i laughed too (i seriously didn't realise this).. so m techer told me i shouldn't have done that too!

when we got back from the camp.. my roomate said " suara nina sesuai kalo ckp kat mic!"... i have no idea what she means but i hope that's a good thing...

other than that.. my eyes were really sore this morning..luckily its getting better now...
and i got my reading test back! the second one! unfortunately i didn't do as well as others did.. i'm soo sad!... but this just means that i need to work harder! maybe this is what god want to show me for spending too much time online yesterday and the day before! ... (and now i still am)
but ....................never mind!...

hahaha.. but honestly. from the bottom of my heart!.. i feel really grateful for the life god has given me
my awesome family... my unique fantastic friends from all over malaysia.. and my fortunate life.. i don't know how to thank god enough for every single atom in my life .. i seriously don't!...

but still i still complain when things doesn't go my way... this is not how i should act right?!
i need to be a better person and be grateful for my fantastic life and i should not even bother to try to compare my life with others because from what i know my life is clearly better!

so nina!!! Remember!!

when things doesn't go your way, shut up and be grateful and get through it! you definitely can do it!!

maybe some people might think that A is lucky or B is smart C is lovable or D is the complete package.. but compared to your life?.. theirs is not your problem!... when you learn to love yourself, others will love you! so don't you fuss about other people point of you because you've got your own! use it wisely!

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