Friday, September 2, 2011 @ 3:01 AM  0 stares
for the first time in my life... i am not glad that friday is already here

because .. there's only like one day left before i go back to uk this sunday! (Uitm Kuantan)

if you noticed, i have not been posting tell you the truth, i have been writing.. but when it comes to publishing it... i'll think about it twice and decided not to..  because my blog is not as private as it used to be.. haha.. well anyway.. in sum, i have my ups and downs during the 5 terrifying weeks and 1 wonderful week at home celebrating hari raya~
i couldn't complain.. but i still do.. and i should stop doing so

header blog zaman biler ntah!...

i should start doing my assignments but.. i keep on getting distracted!...  i should start!.. bye