Monday, October 31, 2011 @ 3:27 AM  1 stares
why do i feel like i used that tittle before..
never mind..

desire is the things that you want 
necessity is what you need

look at my bmi : 24.46
just 0.64 away form being overweight! wahahhaha...

its normal but there's a footnote there saying bmi over 23 have a risk of developing chronic diseases 
and that's not something to laugh about!

so which is it? my case, is losing weight a desire or a necessity?
i say its a necessity!
(rase cam tiru ayat tyra banks la pulak)

well its really my fault... a few days ago i was below that chronic disease line.. but now..
i've been eating unhealthily.. and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how unhealthily i've been eating
even a newly born infant can see how unhealthy it was!!

now i'm really eager to start!
i found a tumblr about a girl who weights a few kilo's less then i do 
but i guess she's shorter.. so her bmi is higher.. 
she dedicated her tumblr to inspire herself to lose weight

she had been through a lot... anorexia, she lost too much weight
after that, she started to eat and at some point she had bulimia and started binge eating and gained a lot of weight..

and now she realized that both ways are wrong and she's on to the right path
it has alot of useful tips and guides to the healthy way of eating
and also inspirational quotes

but still, the pictures in her tumblr is a bit scary.. its full off too skinny girls
but its okay, that inspires me more to loose weight healthily and not be too obsessed about it


i'm starting right now! no more tomorrow!
nina, if you keep gaining weight, you'll be like you were 4 years ago.. do you want that?
last year was awesome right?!?! you were awesome right????!?!?!?!
if you want to keep being awesome move that tush of yours!

starting with number 14.... sleep earlier!!
now sleep!!!

-posted at 3:24am-
hahaha i have a good explanation! i fell asleep after maghrib and woke up at 10..
now i have insomnia..ok sleep now~ nite peeps