Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 1:13 AM  2 stares

typing in the dark because i feel like it..
i just feel like posting these pretty pictures i found around the internet
really want to update but i'm too lazy to put my thoughts into words...

am i the only one who thinks that nothing interesting is ever on on weekends?
and weekday nights around 8pm
come on, that's prime time
i dont like watching the news...
most of them are about disappointed people and crime
its like watching a horror movie

and i love star world, axn and that kind of channel

but they have got to stop airing too many cooking shows
hells kitchen
junior masterchef
senior-citizen masterchef
the kitchen?

now come to think of if... i think the mass media is the main cause of obesity.. wahahahaha they should stop blaming schools and parents for not giving them nutrition guidance

and law and crime stories
ncis, fairly legal, covert affairs, drop dead diva
that all good...i love to watch them..
yg tak boleh blah yg citer baru tu....
the good cop? wat?...csi miami, csi new york,
aiyoo tolong lah csi kota bharu bila ek nk buat?

wahhh... membebel just when i thought i wasn't in the mood...

...good night...

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