Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 1:10 AM  6 stares

in selena gomez's song who says
the lyrics goes like this
 "i wouldn't want to be anybody else"

of course she wouldn't!
she's selena gomez for heaven's sake!

sure selena.. rub it in my face if you will! haha .. i'll still love you!
she's so cute, beautiful, she's eveything i look for in a girl
yess.. i love girls... not girls lah.. just selena!

stop looking at my gf justin..
go away!! go to your fans!
selena is mineee!

she looks so awesome just wearing jeans
and a simple blouse.. and that big baggg!!
i love big bagss!
is that tuti fruitti she's eating?

heels and earings~~
and you have got to love those legs!

i love her red carpet dresses
lately her dresses are a bit short.. and i'm kind of embarrassed to look..
but i'm sure its just a phase.. she'll get over it soon

even though today's post is not about my oversea obsession, it doesnt mean that i'm over it..
actually i'm CRAZIER after watching selena gomez tour videos
where she toured london and england and so on
a beautiful girl going beautiful places

no wonder she wouldn't want to be anybody else..

i wouldn't want to be anybody else.. except for selena gomez!
hahah just kidding.. i love who i am...
i just hate (a little bit) that i have to wake up in the morning and wait for my uncle to come to babysit ME while some workers are working on the toilet in my house... and i have to prepare coffee and some food.. and having my parents asking me questions like what did they eat.. since there's nothing much really that i can offer them to eat ..its making me really stressed... should i make rice for them? no way right? my mom said no.. its too much trouble and not enough bahan nk masak tu takde .. i'm not even a good cook..
it would be a trouble for them to finish them.. and i have to wash the dishes afterwards and wash the pots and pans and clean up the kitchen.. its a lot of work you know!!.. and if i do cook..i have to cook for 8 people.. thats like a small the dish washing is tripled than what i usually do.. and i have to clean up the table afterwards..and that also doubles as i have to do it again when my parents come back to eat lunch and dinner at home.. so i have to do everything that i usually does 2 TIMES THE TROUBLE..  and it really bumps me that my parents asks what did they eat instead of what did i eat...and the construction releases a lot of dust which is really torturing my skin, my eyes and my nose because of my allergies and the sound of the machine is just unbearable... torturing my ears, my voice, not to mention my day TV-time
aarghh i'm so stressed..

i guess i have no choice but to go through this..
i know god never burdens his subjects with things they can't handle
he knows that i handle this.. i just need to let it out on my blog
i want to talk to my sister about this but i'm on a facebook hiatus
so i can't really chat with her like we usually do
that's why i write about it here...

other than that my life is amazing
i love selena gomez
and i want to go overseas..
the end

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