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nowadays. when we met someone new,  we ask for their number and their facebook account
do you remember the days when facebook didn't exsist?
we used to ask for their house phone number... and at the end of the year, we ask for their biodata in out cute biodata book with cute coloured magic pen..

but thats not what i'm try say today.. haha..

it is really "my biodataa"

there are a few things that you need to know about me.. but for now.. all you need to know is that
this girl right here loves to eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

right now.. i have a few things that i feel like eating...

a fresh slice of  secret recipe cake


everything in the mcdonals' menu

i really want to try the carbonara spaghetti.. it looks soo good

when the tv shows the america's next top model commercial, they make me crave for spaghetti meatbalss..they keep on showing that commercial where they eat spaghetti

and i am reallycraving for the perfect noodles...
the closest i've been to "prefect" is eating the ruski tomyam

and my own megi goreng
and the mamak's megi goreng near my sister's house in shah alam...

for yor info, i ate my own megi goreng just a few hours ago.. and now i'm craving for more..

i really really love noodles.. except for mee goreng.. i hate them!
 except for my mother's mee goreng..
my mom always say, she's curious about my love for noodles as both of my parents don't really like noodles.. they can eat them but not all the time..

and that is all that i'm craving right now... and also fruit shake/smoothie ..
fresh fruits not the artificial flavouring

okay bed time.. bye bye..

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