Tuesday, November 15, 2011 @ 2:09 AM  5 stares
H.O.T.. hawt!
haha who's that? miranda kerr... victoria secret's model
she's one of victoria secret's angels ..i think..

everytime i come online i tend to get lost in fashion blogs and stuff
and none of that "vintage" crap that bloggers worship soo much..
they're not that good by the way

look at that jacket!! sooo cutee!!!
i love her style ... well who wouldn't
most of her shoes... and bags... and clothes are branded

just in case you want to check it out~

and i also found another site.. its kinda like a fashion tumblr... or maybe a fashion weheartit

here, they have like a million users and you basically just need to know how to look

i found one malaysian user.. i just love how her pictures look

credit : http://lookbook.nu/stilasaturday

the best part of the site is, you can tag the kind of brand of the clothing and even acessories..
even if theres no brand.. lets say they got it from an online shop.. well you can include that too!
its like flickr, weheartit , tumblr all in one

ahh.. i should stop nowwww.....
i could spend the whole week just browsing around the web about fashion...
but i only last 5 minutes in front of the muet text book...
ninaaaaaaa!!! do you want band 6 or not??
not sure if you can get it? welll at least try!!
fashion-surf all you want after muet..

wish me luck.. good night~!

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