Monday, November 14, 2011 @ 2:12 AM  0 stares

first of all, feel free to click the stop button to the song if you dont like it!..its on top of the page.. 
i think that instead of the song be my baby, wondergirls should've release this song..
be my baby reminds me of the kind of songs that miss A sings.. and the video reminds me of beyonce..

awww come on.. even pikachu became thinner?

hahahhaa..... nevermind... i've been watching what i eat for a while
well... just WATCHING!... but still eating!
hahaha.. its a start!... my parents keep on feeding me with good food
its not their fault that they love their daughter dearest too much!

i've tried many different methods in the past few weeks
eating.. not eating...exercising... sleeping.. staying up.. watching weight loss stories and so on
and i realised one thing.. this whole experience is soo much more than just losing weight
its actually a choice of becoming healthy or not...


if you're in it just to loose weight, you wont be very healthy.. 
you'll starve..become grumpy and your skin wont be very happy and tend to break out! 
and thats when you eat more! wahahaha

if you do it the right way, eating 6 meals in small portion and exercising
you'll be full, happy, and your skin feels great!!
but its a lot of work really...

i'm still trying to figure things out .. stay tuned to see how it all works out.. or not
right now i just want to shut this computer, drink some water, watch selena gomez and sleep..
even though i slept already after maghrib... i dont know why i'm soo tired...
oh yeah just a foot note... why is people saying najwa latip tu cantik?
kalo dier cantik.. aku gojes bak snsd~ kbai!
nanyi pn cam x matang... malu je kat garyson...wahaha.. jahat tul...
dah rezeki dier.. xpayah nk jeles..x jeles pn.. kalo ngan joe jonas nak la jugak aku bunuh minah tu.
ape pon aku still lgi cantik okeh!