Saturday, December 31, 2011 @ 3:43 AM  3 stares
someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side
well i got one thing to say about that!!

the grass is greener where you water it

figuratively, what i'm trying to say is...
happiness depends on our own efforts and how we see the world

so today's post is how to live a happy and successful life!
(the steps which i keep on forgetting to apply in my daily live since the start of sem 2)


be grateful that you fell off the stairs , be grateful of the mineral water in your fridge that you'll never drink, be grateful of your toothpaste! be grateful with the presence with everyone in your life whether you like them or hate them..

when you're grateful for everything.. everything in life seems as easy as pie

even when you're going through trouble, you wont be troubled
instead, you'll be too busy being grateful for the solution god will offer you
remember, god will never test his subjects with things that they cannot handle


this one is pretty easy...think everything positively
look at the bright side of things

quiz tomorrow ? bring it on!..lets see what this pretty face can do on paper
hafazan?.. berehhh.. i get to use my brain for once
broken bus? .. awesome! new experience
late for class..fashionably late wootwoot!
forever alone? .. i  have harry potter's invisible cloth! jealous?
haha sangat senget!


Well here's one thing that you have to decide on your own

if its something that can be solved if you let it go than be patient
just let it go... forget about it! don't make a fuss about it

but if it something that will eat you up inside..

speak up! get it out of your system...
(sometimes crying also helps)
confront them properly.. do not "SOUND" them
they'll either feel awful about themselves or they will hate you forever
so tell them properly.. use figurative language, idioms, jokes
even if you are bad at making jokes like i am!

and that's about it for this post.. stay tune for part II...
and that is : if i feel like it!