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nooooo... .i don't literally have a fever for 49days now.... i'm perfectly healthy...

i really really love 49days
sbs one just had to air reruns of the drama!
you know i'm a fool for hd!
even though i have the drama in my laptop, i still watch it on tv!

soo cuteeeee! i like everything about that drama.. except for the ending
 and i keep on watching it hoping the ending would change
wahahahhaha crazy right!

and... i am so obsessed that i want one of that tear drop necklace!!!
but it's soo expensive!
almost 90 ringgit ..for that one little piece of necklace

i might as well use the money for a lot of food... a few pieces of clothes..huuu

this is not me! i stole the pic..kikiki
the necklace looks so pretty on her!!
 i really want it now!!

but ... is it worth it?
 i'm just scared that once i got it.. i'll put it in a box..
and put it away.. and never see it again... huu
even if i wear it.. no one can see it.. its purely for my own satisfaction

waaa.. i want to be filthy rich!!!!
and spend it not so wisely!

wahhhhhhhh.... they're also showing reruns of the drama SIGN!
i love that one tooo!
the main guy is such a good actor

please excuse my really bad grammar..
i'm too tired to proofread my blog post most of the time
whenver i have something on my mind, i type type type and post

and when i run out of ideas .. i go to bed.. without checking.
and only check when i feel like reminiscing

i should sleep now
nite peeps...
(Time : 6.45AM)

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