Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @ 11:37 PM  2 stares
dear leann rhymmes ... or celine dion or whatever your name is .. 
the girl who keeps on singing the song"how do i live without you"

here's your answer girl!

if you keep acting like this : relying on others.. you'll be DEAD!
and again .. let me make it clearer to you.. you'll be DEAD MEAT!

all humans care nowadays a THEMSELVES
yep.. they don't care if your heart breaks 
they don't care if you're bleeding

even if you're diagnosed with cancer, 
they'll probably tell you get well soon and make a really sad face
 but afterwards they'll go karaoke-ing and forget all about you
steamboat...bbq.. name it

they don't care if you didn't get the copy of the long as they do
they don't care if you're hungry.. as long as they're full 
they don't care if you don't study for the test tomorrow.. as long as they did

unless they didn't have the notes..
 if they're hungry and looking for a  friend to go buy food.. 
if they didn't have time to study and completely panicking...


they'll say :
don't have the notes?.. well can you get one for me too
didn't eat yet?.. lets go eat together ..btw  i dont have money.. treat me okay!
did you study?.. you did??.. owh i didn't have time.. wahh can you help me with the answers after this... sit next to me okay!

but its okay... all we have to do is not to hold grudges and let it go
say thank you...say
and try to change ourselves... we cannot blame everything on others..
most of the things that happens to us are probably because they way we act
so lets think about our actions and keep on going..
even if people try to sabotage us.. or forgets about us on purpose or not on purpose
god will always be there .. he knows everything.. our actions, what our heart says and he's always there to hear us out..

so in a way.. we are never forever alone.. because god is always there for us
have a nice life peeps.. lets fill it up with patience!!