Saturday, January 7, 2012 @ 5:53 AM  7 stares

have you ever heard of the "french mime".. the mute black and white people who usually play around the the streets of France

well.. i've been feeling like i'm turning into one!
instead of french.. i'm in malaysia.. so i'm a malaysian mime!

so funny how the spelling of the word mime
reminds me of one of my best friend's name mimie.. mimie yahaya! tingtingting

well it's really my fault.. i didn't talk to them so of course wouldn't dare to talk to me

but i did tried...
but every time i speak they would most likely to be  distracted before i finish talking..

but it doesn't matter
doesn't matter

sometimes i feel like it doesn't matter what that one person say..
in people's point of view
if you're reputable, then everything you say is AWESOME
if you seem boring, everything you say is DULL


when the i say something like : 2 x 19 =  38
people would go like : i like chocolates

when cool people say the exact same thing  : 2 x 19 =  38
people would go like : she's smart right, she's so pretty, she knows german, she's from school A, bla bla bla.., she's so awesome

but that's okay..
screw those who judge people by how they look
screw those who make friends with someone because of their marks and grade
screw all of those who had ever looked down on me, even once
screw that guy who didn't accept my friend request
screw those who keep on comparing their life with mine

one day.. i'll make sure all of them wish that they had been better to me!

by screw.. i them screw things at their house! :P
its not nice to wish bad things for others lah!

change yourself.. help others.. be merry!

(merry as in happy.. not marry married!..)

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