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Green makes the world go round
Definition : to be extremely important, so that many ordinary events could not happen without it

money?? is that what you think "green" is for?... 
materialistik betol korang ni ye!!!

for your information that's synecdoche 
a part as a whole.. the colour is used to refer to money
usually american money ..because they are green

and as for malaysian money.. only the 5 ringgit note is green
malysian notes are like pensel kale Luna!
warna-warni gitu

because of instead of referring to money... 
the word GREEN i refer to KUIH KETAYAPP!

in my humble opinion.. if kuih ketayap is not would look less appetizing 

just look

okay the blue ones are simply.. grosss!
and the polka dot ones are supposed to be cute..
but for me.. its not as seductive as the green ones
yepp.. i get seduced by food all the time!! XD

and now look at the green ones

butttt.... what's more delicious than greeen ketayap???

soo hyun.. a.k.a song samdong....

okay..ketayap is way more delicious..
but he is prettier~ ..ehhemm.. handsome-er??
look at his broad shoulders...wahhh...

if there's at least one malay guy who looks like this i'll die!!!
(hyperbole! - exagerrated description to create strong emotional response..frequently used for humans )

haha as usual i'mposting right before writing class
stop procrastination and smile :)

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