Sunday, January 29, 2012 @ 7:28 PM  0 stares

yep! smiling stupidly in front of the desktop PARTLY because 
i just watched Paradise Kiss Live action movie!

why partly??..wahahaha i don't feel like telling :P

so overall the story was really sweeet!
at first i thought the main lead was a bit too short for the part.. but as i watched the movie, he's the tallest guy there ... so he got an A from me..but his face is a little "baby-faced" ish for the part.. so A-!

the main girl.. i thought was too "girl next door" for the part.. she doesn't look as bold as the character in the anime.. but in the story she wore pretty clothes and looked so pretty in them.. so i give her an A

others... well they're okay... i don't have specific comments for them..

the story line... A+ 
because their moral of the story is :
even though there's someone who you feel like they're controlling your life,
you cannot blame them for controlling it if you let them.
only you have to power to control your life!
so its all up to you!

so today.. i spent my day doing the laundry, eating, watching paradise kiss, and smiling like a maniac in front of the computer.

so tonight, WORK WORK WORK!
hey you! thanks for motivating me :)
you distracting me reminds me not to get distracted!
(haha ayat cam tamil)

have a nice week peep-pets!

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