Wednesday, January 18, 2012 @ 12:35 AM  2 stares
sometimes i feel like this

like a kid...playing dress up
who is acting like she's all grown up..
out of place..
disrupts like a pod
(random sgt...tibe2 terigt death in the opposite house)

i wonder
if that's how people see me

i miss my cat..
i have 2 cats...
but i only miss 1..

so after looking at the 2 pictures above
there's 2 thing is i WANT to do
1. take pictures of my niece in my heels
2.take pictures of my cat...

and actually posting them instead of pictures of other cats
he might not be as cute as the "online-cats" but he's special! <3

as for the things i HAVE to do
the list goes on and on...
but deep down.. i love having things that i HAVE to do
the feeling that i could only experience for another 2 months...
well.. less than 2 months..

gyahhhh..time is ticking..ttt-time is ticking
epik high - one

lets enjoy being busy!!
have a nice life peeps..

please excuse my random style of writing...
i'm an artist!! XD